Alumni Association Information

Alumni Association Information

Now that our 30th Reunion has come and gone, though not without Fantastic Fanfare, we are back to the in-between Reunions stage. Rather than lose touch with all our fellow classmates, only to have to track them down in TEN years (not likely a 35th will take place), we are establishing the Newton South High School, Class of 1976 Alumni Association. Until a solid membership is assembled and defined, Jed Handspicker (Me) will be ACTING President, while Maureen Foley Scafidi will be ACTING Treasurer.

Once enough have shown interest and an ad hoc committee is formed to discuss charters and fee structures, and all the legalese involved in such organizations, we'll build our Association infrastructure through the use of geographic regional coordinators as well as the standard means (Jed and others digging for information on current location and contact information on ALL our fellow classmates).

Once we've determined a membership fee structure (if it's not just a flat membership fee), we'll promote that here and through a quarterly newsletter (yet to be named). The information will be identical to that provided for the 30th Reunion, which is just below:

Checks should be made out to: "Newton South High School, Class of 1976"

Send these to:
Maureen Scafidi
89 Franklin Street
Watertown, MA 02472

These must include your name, address, and level of membership.

If you or anyone from our class, or anyone who identifies themselves WITH our class is interested in receiving more information as it becomes available, have them contact me (at so I can answer any questions that may arise, before we finalize information to be included on this page. PLEASE make ABSOLUTELY SURE we have your most current contact information, so we can keep you as up-to-date as possible on any of several upcoming events. We're still hoping to provide a more regionally oriented contact system, using Regional Coordinator positions, so as to allow the planning and coordination of regional get-togethers and/or networking. If you are curious to know what region you're in and who your coordinator is, please visit the Regional Coordinators page.

For all other current and past class-related information, please consult links provide on the Main Page

As indicated on the main page, we're now moving forward from being the 30th Reunion website to providing information for our fledgling Alumni Association. The MAIN location for that information will actually be the NEW website, at This site will remain as more of a backup or alternate site while it's still needed to host the Gallery and the Departed Classmatespage.

Your Humble Webmaster,

Jared "Jed" Handspicker

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