More of the Family

amyjed01.JPG - 9.1 KThis is little Jed, at about two, with sister Amy, about four and-a-half. We're just chillin' outside our first house, in Newton Highlands, MA, back in 1961. This is back when Nathan was just a baby, and Amy and I had our own, unique bond.

mombri01.JPG - 13.0 KThis here, is my Mother, Diane Elizabeth West (1932-1996), and my Uncle Brian Purdy Handspicker, back in 1969. This was taken in the living room of my paternal grandparents' house, at 46 Gould Avenue, in Malden, MA. For Uncle Brian, this was "pre-George," that's an inside family joke, so I'm not going to go into details, here :-)

fampic01.JPG - 11.7 KHere's a photo, taken by me (I think), of some of the family, during a picnic at Cold Springs Park, in Newton, MA. From left to right: Nathan Snow Handspicker (age 9), Meredith Brook Handspicker (behind the camera... my inspiration!), Seth Glenn West (Grampy West), Elizabeth Louise Fritz (Grammy West), and my Mother, looking her cute and knock-kneed self! This was taken in 1970.

famcar01.JPG - 16.5 K"Elizabeth" or "Winthrop" it all depended on how this 1966 Plymouth Fury Wagon acted, she/he always had a name, but it was usually "Elizabeth". She was the family car from 1970ish to 1980, and served us very well, over the years. Here, she's parked outside "Birdlandia", a favorite cottage of our family's in Ocean Park, ME. She became my first car, and I was the last to drive her, before she died of a broken heart, in 1980