Here are some "historical pics of yours truly!

jed901.JPG - 6.9 KThis is moi at nine!
I'm facing my old house, in Newton Highlands, MA,

jed1101.JPG - 11.8 KHere I am at a very pensive eleven years-old.....

jed1401.JPG - 11.4 KAnd last, for now, here's me at fourteen, I looked a lot more serious than I was....... REALLY!

aliceb01.JPG - 6.1 KAnd here I am, after my trip to Sweden!
Just kidding! Actually, this is Alice Burberry, the love of my life
At least, from age 17 to 19, while attending Ottawa University in Kansas........UNFORTUNATELY....
Alice dated a guy named B.J. Boucek, don't know whatever happened to her......:-(
She was the Homecoming Queen for my Freshman Class
Sure would like to know where she is now! :-)

Many more pics to come!